Policy, principles and values

The strategic policy of Docapesca is based on creating sustained value for its stakeholders – shareholder, customers, employees, suppliers and society – underpinned by a relation of cooperation and proximity.

It sees its main challenge as the provision of an excellent service, with a commitment to innovation and rigour, to protecting the environment and to being socially responsible.


Docapesca’s pledge is to reconcile various demands - of the fishing sector with the conservation of marine resources, and its activity with the utmost respect for the environment.

We are therefore committed to implementing an environmental management system, in accordance with NP EN ISO 14001 2004, by taking an outward-looking approach to the sector and partnerships.

Social responsibility

altAs a benchmark in the fishing sector, Docapescas is aware of its influence and responsibility to society, both as an employer in the fulfilment of its fiscal obligations, as well as by giving direct support to fishing communities and sectoral organisations.

It appreciates the historical, economic and food importance of the sector in Portugal and is playing an active part in improving and preserving it.

Sustainability report


The inclusive nature of its activity, which combines the process of economic and financial decision-making with ethical principles, social responsibility and good environmental practices has led Docapesca to draw up sustainability reports.

This has helped it to become more engaged with the stakeholders and the reporting of the Company’s performance in relation to sustainability.