Docapesca’s links with fish-farming (aquaculture) is of mutual interest and does not jeopardise marine fishing, which remains the Company’s core activity.

The growth potential for aquaculture production worldwide (including Portugal) goes hand in hand with the increasing concern to conserve and sustain wild fish resources.

Docapesca, with its national network of fish auctions, has the facilities, equipment and technical staff, some of which can be allocated to activities related to aquaculture, thereby providing useful assistance to the sector and helping it to make the most of existing resources.

Among the services available are:

  • – Packaging aquaculture catch in any fish auction facility, as happens in Figueira da Foz and Sines;
  • – ‘Physical attendance’ marine fish auction to sell aquaculture fish in accordance with the specific operational rules and procedures is also practised in some fish auctions;
  • – Availability of the new online fish auction to sell future aquaculture products; this can take place after or at a completely different time from the marine fish auction.
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