Terms of Use

1. Scope
The use of the Docapesca website is governed by these Terms of Use, which may be amended or replaced whenever Docapesca deems necessary.

2. Usability

  1. The website has specific information and documents related to the Docapesca’s business. They can be viewed online or downloaded.
  2. Docapesca may shut down all or part of the website at any time. Considering the special nature of the support, Docapesca may not be held liable for any unavailability of its website. Some pages may be password protected. Such pages can only be accessed by registered users.

3. Use of information

  1. These terms of use govern the use of any information and documentation posted on this website. The information, software and documentation contained on this website may not be altered or taken down.
  2. Users may not change the design process or decompile the software or detach any of its parts.

4. Hyperlinks

  1. Hyperlinks to other websites do not render Docapesca responsible for the contents of such pages and so it is not responsible for the messages contained therein. Docapesca does not represent the authors of such websites, nor does it associate itself with their contents as if they were its own, since it has no control over the information contained therein. Users make use of such websites solely at their own risk.

5. Disclaimer

  1. – Docapesca runs its website for the purpose of improving public access to the information contained therein, which it intends to be up-to-date and accurate. It will therefore try to correct any mistakes that may occur.
  2. – Docapesca accepts no responsibility for the information material on its website, which is of a general nature and contains no references to specific facts relating to people or entities.
  3. – The information is not exhaustive, it is solely intended to be generic.
  4. – Links to external sites over which Docapesca’s services have no control, and for which they therefore accept no responsibility, are the sole responsibility of users. The information posted on the Docapesca website does not constitute a professional or legal opinion.
  5. – Docapesca makes every effort to keep its website free of viruses, although it cannot ensure that there are no viruses.
  6. – For their own protection users should take whatever measures they deem necessary to ensure appropriate security and use an antivirus prior to downloading any information, should they see fit.

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