Food Safety

Good Practice

altWith the introduction of good practice in its establishments, including the ice production facilities, Docapesca can guarantee that the current legal rules of food hygiene and safety are applied.

Since this is a matter of public health, food safety runs right through the Company and involves a number of spheres of expertise: the design of infrastructure and equipment; safety and hygiene (of facilities, equipment and staff); professional training, and the operational process of the auctions.


altDocapesca has modernised and upgraded its facilities and procedures in recent years to be in line with current food safety legislation.

Most of its facilities have implemented food safety and hygiene plans, based on HACCP principles, with particular reference to prerequisites such as personnel, the quality of water and ice, hygienisation, maintenance, refrigeration chains, containers, pest control and by-products.

Analysis Results

Docapesca regularly releases the results of analyses carried out by accredited laboratories using appropriate methods to monitor the microbiological quality of the fresh water, ice and salt water used in its auction facilities. This information is shown in the table below.


Viana Castelo  Fresh water   Ice   Salt water 
Póvoa de Varzim  Fresh water   Ice  Salt water
Matosinhos  Fresh water  Ice   Salt water
Aveiro  Fresh water
 Salt water
Mira  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Figueira da Foz  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Nazaré  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Peniche  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Costa da Caparica  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Sesimbra  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Setúbal  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Sines  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Vila Nova de Milfontes  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Baleeira/Sagres  Fresh water  Ice
 Salt water
Lagos  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Portimão  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Albufeira  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Quarteira  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Olhão  Fresh water  Ice  Salt water
Vila Real Santo António    Fresh water   Ice  Salt water

Veterinary Control Number

altAssignment of a veterinary control number (VCN) to every fish auction depended on the ratification of health and hygiene conditions required by Community and Portuguese legislation, once compliance with the general requirements of Regulation (EC) no. 852/2004 of 29 April and with the specific requirements of Regulation (CE) no 853/2 of 29 April, and other legal documents, had been confirmed.

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