Online Auction

How do I access the system?

After you receive the access code, download the software from the Docapesca site. It can be installed on any computer with the Windows operating system. Once installed you can start buying online.

Is there just one kind of access licence?

No. There are two kinds of licence:

        BUYING LICENCE → lets you make purchases from the 5 auction facilities that have Online Auction.
            Price: €10 per month + VAT (for 2 years), or one-off payment of €200 + VAT

        VIEWING LICENCE → lets you following the online auctions, but does NOT let you make purchases.
            Price: €5 per month + VAT

Can I try the system?

Yes. There is a trial period for which the licence is provided free of charge:

      BUYING LICENCE → for 90 days;
      VIEWING LICENCE → for 5 days.

NOTE: Buyers must inform Docapesca before the trial period expires if they intend to cancel the service, otherwise the licence will remain active and the monthly payments will start.

Are the licences personal?

Yes. Licences to use the online fish auction are personal and non-transferable.

How do I pay for and collect my fish?

In the same way as you would if you were making a face-to-face purchase.

At how many fish auctions simultaneously does the licence let me make purchases?

At all the fish auction facilities where the online sale system is installed. The useful screen area shows two auctions at once. You can change to the auction on the other half of the screen at any time, without interrupting purchases in the first one.

Como posso comprar pescado através do leilão online?

Tem previamente de ser comprador inscrito na Docapesca. Se já é comprador em lota, basta contactar a Direcção Comercial & Marketing da Docapesca, através do e-mail filipe.pedro@docapesca.pt. Para mais informações, poderá ligar para o seguinte número de telefone: +351 213 936 192

Commercial Area

Can we visit the fish auctions?

Yes, schools and organised groups can visit an auction. You must first get in touch with Docapesca and ask for permission, via e-mail conselho@docapesca.pt, specifying the reason for the visit, the number and nature of the people going, the particular auction and the date and time.

How can I sign up for the CCL – proof of purchase at auction?

You first have to be a buyer, registered with Docapesca. If you are already a buyer at auction you simply need to go to the administration offices of the auction facility where you normally work and name your sales outlets (fishmonger or municipal market).

I have a restaurant. Can I buy fish at the auctions?nas lotas?

Yes. Restaurants can buy fish at an auction, just like any other trader. You should go to the administration offices of the auction facility where you would like to work.

Area of Operation

How can I buy fish at the auctions?

If you are a fish trader or have a restaurant you should go to the administration offices of the auction facility where you would like to buy your fish. You will need to take details of your firm, a bank guarantee (minimum of €2.500.00) and acquire a remote control (for physical presence auctions), or a licence for the online fish auction (available at the Figueira da Foz, Peniche, Sesimbra and Portimão auction facilities).

I own a fishing boat. How can I start to sell at auction?

You must go to the administration office of the facility where you want to start working and show your ownership registration document, fishing permit and company registration certificate (for a company) or identity card, taxpayer ID card and declaration of start of activity (for sole traders).

Can I sell farmed fish at auction?

Yes, you can, subject to general internal operating rules and the specifications of the various Branches.  If you need more information you can go to the administration offices of the Branch where you would like to work.