Fishing Quotas

Catches of the commercially most important fish are restricted by the total allowable catches (TACs) The TACs and fish quotas are decided by the Member States based on a submission from the Commission. The proposal must be based on scientific recommendations.

The TACs are set each year for most species and every two years for the deep water ones.

The TACs are shared among the EU countries under the ‘relative stability’ system. This keeps national quotas stable, even when the amount of fish that can be caught varies with the productivity of the fish stocks.

The fish quotas for the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea are usually fixed in October-November, while the deep sea species are only fixed every two years. The European Union is tasked with managing its fish resources so as to obtain the maximum sustainable yield.

See Council Regulation (EU) no. 57/2011 of 18 January 2011, below, which fixed the fishing opportunities in EU waters, and for EU vessels in certain non-EU waters.


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